About Us

We are Kimberly and Ashley! We have a strong love for gift giving {and receiving}. KashBoxx came to life as our attempt to break the gift card cycle.  Honestly, how many coffee gift cards have you received and given - am I right? We enjoy creating pre-curated boxxes that we know you'll enjoy and feel great about giving.

Want to know more about us? We are living our best life dating our husbands and managing five littles {including Kim's two boys and Ashley's triplets}. Together we agree that we could not live without naps, working out, red wine, kisses from our kiddos and McDonald's french fries. You can usually find us together on the weekends, on the ball fields, working out and dreaming about our next vacations. We were actually neighbors years ago, but finally became good friends after we both moved away! Thanks for supporting us!